You may also be looking for my poster presentations, which are elsewhere.

Here are some links to slide decks from presentations that I have given, in reverse chronological order. Note that not every talk I have given is available here, so get in touch if you think something is missing. Similarly, if you spot a mistake do let me know.


  • 9.7.2020 I will give a online-Teilchentee to the group in Heidelberg. The slides are here.
  • 6.4.2020 My first online talk! I gave the first CP3-online lecture - you can find the slides here.

(note that most presentations prior to this date were developed against an older version of the reveal.js library, and may have minor formatting issues)




[I started using reveal.js to give talks in 2017, which is why this list starts here]

Technical details

I typically use reveal.js for giving presentations, with MathJax for equations and some funny icons from Font Awesome. My personalised bare-bones presentation template can be found here.