David J. Weir

Picture of David Weir

Hello! I'm an Associate Professor at the University of Helsinki working with the Computational Field Theory group. I also hold the position of Academy Research Fellow through the Helsinki Institute of Physics. My Helsinki university information page has more information.

My research focuses on numerical approaches to studying classical and quantum field theories in the early universe, including lattice quantum field theory, real-time lattice simulations, relativistic hydrodynamics and matrix product states. I'm interested in figuring out how new physics beyond the Standard Model can be detected in future gravitational wave missions, such as LISA, as well as with particle physics experiments. Recently I have also been working on understanding how to extract a gravitational wave background of cosmological origin from the gravitational wave data that missions such as LISA will produce.

In the past I have also used similar numerical methods to study condensed matter systems, and this remains an area I find very interesting!

I am once again a member of Helsinki's Department of Physics Wellbeing Group. You can contact me (or any other member) for advice and guidance on issues related to workplace wellbeing, and I am always looking for new ways to make our university a better, kinder place to work. I also work with the Kumpula LGBTQ+ group to help organise events like our local LGBTQ+ STEM day contribution.

In addition, I was previously chair of FinDiP - Diversity in Physics, Finland.