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Press releases and media coverage

Nature - career feature, March 2022: "How hybrid working took hold in science"

An article by Kendall Powell about how the pandemic changed research. I am quoted discussing changes to working practices in our group. There are some really good insights and thoughts from other researchers in this article, and I learned a lot from reading it.

Nature - technology feature, February 2020: "Tech tools to make research more open and inclusive"

Another really nice article by Kendall Powell about how to make research environments more open, inclusive, diverse and equitable through the use of technology. It was really humbling to be interviewed for this piece along with so many other thoughtful people.

Helsinki press releases, November 2018: "New finding of particle physics may help to explain the absence of antimatter"

The results of our Physical Review Letters paper on the Two Higgs Doublet Model found their way into several news outlets in Europe and North America. They were also the subject of an APS PhysicsBuzz blog post and a Reddit thread.

UiS press releases, December 2015: "Vinn-vinn-forskning" (in Bokmål)

An article on the UiS website about the experiences of myself and Sarah Hean, another Marie Curie intra-European fellow at Stavanger.

PRACE, March 2015: "PRACE 10th Call for Proposals achieves 10 out of 10!"

My application as PI for a grant of nearly 18 million core-hours of computer time to study phase transitions in the early universe received positive peer review and was then successful in being allocated resources. It gets a mention in this PRACE press release.

NRK Rogaland, November 2014: "Forskar på universets første sekund" (in Nynorsk)

Along with Anders Tranberg, I was interviewed for this article on the local pages of the national Norwegian broadcaster, and was also featured in a brief radio segment.

New Scientist, February 2014: "Baby universe rumbled with thunder of Higgs bubbles"

Our paper demonstrating that acoustic waves produced by thermal phase transitions produce an enhanced gravitational wave signal was picked up by New Scientist, and I was interviewed for this piece, which appeared in the print edition. The web article also incorporates a movie.

Other appearances

  • I was featured in a Community Profile for the European Consortium for Astroparticle Theory (EuCAPT) in April 2022.
  • I was a guest on an episode of The Science Basement Podcast in late 2018.
  • I appeared at a ScienceSLAM in Helsinki in early 2018 [YouTube link].
  • In late 2017 we made a short video about my Marie Curie project at UiS [YouTube link].