Cosmic necklaces poster

Update January 2017: The work described here has now been submitted to journals as two papers, arXiv:1607.00764 and arXiv:1611.08456. The first paper has been published in PRL.

Thank you for viewing my poster about \(\mathrm{Z}_2\) strings. You can find a PDF of the poster here (and a version presented at the DiRAC Science Day here. This version will be updated should I spot any typographical errors.

Visualisation: necklaces

This and subsequent visualisations were produced in 2017 by Anna Kormu at the University of Helsinki.

View a higher quality version on Vimeo. Check out also this stereoscopic version!

Visualisation: half-monopoles (\(\kappa=0.25\))

There is a higher quality version again on Vimeo. We also have a stereoscopic version of this visualisation.

Visualisation: half-monopoles (\(\kappa=2\))

See higher quality version on Vimeo.


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