Public repos

  • [2019] I forked the Brutalist theme for Pelican to make this website: Brutalist-fork repo.

  • [2017-19] I created a template for my scientific presentations based on reveal.js with some tweaks to suit my style and the needs of a physics seminar. Most of my presentations are based on this. You can find the source repo on BitBucket.

  • [2018-19] I created a Django-based system for browsing and plotting predictions for gravitational waves from first-order phase transitions, called PTPlot. You can find the production version at and the source repo on BitBucket.

  • [2016-18] I use the scientific data file format Silo with HDF5 compression quite a lot in my work. I made a homebrew tap that lets me compile it more easily on Mac: homebrew-useful. It doesn't actually have anything other than Silo in it (yet) despite the generic name...

  • [2011-12] I wrote the original CPU version of a parallel, GPU- or CPU-based Implicitly Restarted Arnold Method (IRAM) code.

  • [2007] There is a small chance you are after rudimentary BOINC executable (payload) bindings for python that I wrote a long time ago. I've put them into a BitBucket repo: pyboinc

Other stuff

Please contact me if you wish to receive a copy of the code I used in any of my papers.