Javascript Ising

For entertainment and teaching purposes, I made a small Javascript-based 2D Ising model implementation!

Target update interval (ms):
Try to show every update:
Metropolis update Wolff cluster update

6.1.2015: Small tweaks to improve display of "all updates" when Metropolis update used. Reversed order of changelog.

25.6.2014: Wolff algorithm implemented.

24.6.2014: Updates drawn in dark/light blue.

23.6.2014: Stores configuration in local storage. Uses ChartNew.js to allow axis labels on the energy graph. Energy now positive definite, which seems to make it possible for Chart.js (and ChartNew.js) to make sensible, dynamically updated limits.

5.6.2014: Update intervals of slower than 1000ms now give meaningful results, and the changing of Lx and Ly do not boost the update rate erroneously.

22.5.2014: Added (very clumsy) measurement of correlation length (and graphical indication). If you get 'NaN' for xi, try changing the coupling slightly to reset the measurement (or reload the page). I'll fix this soon.

21.5.2014: Initial public release. Stuff kinda works.

By David Weir.