Kumpula Campus Code of Conduct

David J. Weir (he/him/his)
Department of Physics - davidjamesweir

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14 March 2019


Kumpula Code of Conduct:

  • Story
  • Need
  • Purpose
  • Basis
  • Contents
  • Implementation


  • October 2018: Preparations begin within Physics Wellbeing Group. Support from Dean, Faculty Council and HR
  • February 2019: Code of Conduct published
  • First and only Code of Conduct at the University (so far)

Why do we need one?

  • Helsinki's rules, values and policies are:
    • Hidden
    • Complicated
    • In Flamma 😱
  • The Faculty of Science:
    • Is an international and diverse community
    • Has challenges in workplace wellbeing
      (stress, burnout, etc.)
    • Actively tries to improve workplace wellbeing
    • Has a history of cases of harassment
    • Is active against harassment


  • Sets out clearly and positively:
    • How we behave in the Faculty of Science.
    • How we represent the Faculty of Science to the world.
    • Behaviour we expect of each other and external partners.
    • How we ensure that the Faculty is a safe place of work and study for everyone.
  • Goal: everyone should feel welcome in our faculty.

What it is not

  • It is not a trap
    – it should be common decency
  • It is not a substitute for proper procedures
    – formal actions will always be taken when necessary
  • It is not set in stone
    – society + university will change, the code will change too


Truth and knowledge

  • We are guided in our actions by our core values of truth and knowledge, autonomy, creativity, critical mind, edification and wellbeing.
  • We take as a starting point for our research, teaching, learning and other activities the pursuit of truth and new knowledge.
  • We respect and value difference.
  • We are open to new ideas and approaches.
  • We structure our efforts so that others can get involved, and continue or extend our work.
  • We do not deceive others, whether by unintentional omission or by deliberate act.
  • We respect the privacy of others, and the confidentiality of information, documents and data.
  • We do not commit plagiarism, or misinterpret or falsify data.


  • We recognise that our behaviour may reflect upon the reputation of the Faculty of Science.
  • We respect the limited human, financial and material resources available to the University community.
  • We advise and guide each other where appropriate.
  • We exercise adequate supervision when in a position of authority, or when delegating tasks, avoiding excessive workloads.
  • We do not abuse our authority, position or power to obtain special treatment or undue influence for ourselves or others.
  • We are familiar with, and follow, all relevant rules and regulations.
  • We avoid conflicts of interest, whether real or perceived.


  • We are open to new ideas and approaches.
  • We value all areas of academic endeavour equally highly.
  • We keep up-to-date with developments that affect our work, studies or research.
  • We apply our learning, skills and professional experience constructively for the benefit of all.
  • We share any knowledge that could benefit each other in our work or studies.
  • We adopt alternative approaches in order to generate new thoughts and concepts.
  • We give credit to others for their contributions.

Critical mind

  • We demonstrate fairness and impartiality.
  • We define clear and realistic objectives for our activities and communicate them to each other.
  • When offering others feedback or criticism, we do so constructively and without harshness.
  • We do not allow outsiders to affect our judgement or interfere with the application of our skills or specialised knowledge.
  • We strive for openness of meaning, tolerance for different opinions and avoidance of moralistic language.
  • We show flexibility and willingness to adapt to change.
  • We address conflict proactively and impartially.


  • We promote versatile education, in-depth learning and the development of problem-solving skills within the University and across society.
  • We offer our learning and research results for the service of society.
  • We educate experts who can make a positive contribution to the world.
  • We promote sustainability in all our activities, such as teaching, research, processes and practices.
  • We exercise critical judgement in our public comments and activities (including social media) in order to uphold the good reputation of the Faculty of Science.


  • We treat others with tolerance, courtesy and mutual respect, maintaining good working and learning relationships with all.
  • We promote diversity and inclusiveness, both in terms of personal characteristics and professional skills.
  • We refrain from unpleasant or disparaging remarks or actions on the basis of gender, gender identity, age, religion or belief, nationality, culture, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, seniority, health, disability, family situation, pregnancy or caring responsibilities.
  • We abstain from, actively discourage and report all forms of discrimination, harassment and abuse.
  • We promote and maintain a safe and healthy environment. We look after our own and others’ mental and physical health.


  • So far:
    • Email from the Dean at launch
    • Flamma pages
    • During recruitment of new employees
  • Plans:
    • Roll-ups, infoscreen adverts, even in toilets
    • Press release
    • Development discussions for employees

PDF version [en fi sv]


This is everybody’s right place to be!


Code of Conduct Team
(many slides are based on originals by Eija Tuominen)


Get involved!

  • Spread the word - print a copy and put it on your wall.
  • Tell your friends, colleagues, visitors.
  • Remind event attendees of your code.