Aspen short talk

David J. Weir - University of Helsinki - davidjamesweir

This talk:

Aspen, 4 September 2018

A pipeline

  1. Choose your model (e.g. SM, xSM, 2HDM, ...)
  2. Dim. red. model
    Kajantie et al.
  3. Phase diagram ($\alpha_{T_*}$, $T_*$);
    lattice: Kajantie et al.
  4. Nucleation rate ($\beta$);
    lattice: Moore and Rummukainen
  5. Wall velocities ($v_\text{wall}$)
    Moore and Prokopec; Kozaczuk
  6. GW power spectrum $\Omega_\mathrm{gw}$
  7. Sphaleron rate

Very leaky, even for SM!

Update to LISA CosWG report


  • Coming soon! 😅
  • In 'beta', online GW plotting tool PTPlot:

What I am thinking about

  • Turbulence
    • MHD or no MHD?
    • Timescales $H_* R_*/\overline{U}_\mathrm{f} \sim 1$, sound waves and turbulence?
    • More simulations needed?

  • Complementarity of GW signal and BG [next week!]
    • Competing wall velocity dependence of BG and GWs?
    • Sphaleron rates in extended models?

  • The best possible determinations for xSM, 2HDM, $\Sigma$SM, ...
    • What is the phase diagram?
    • Nonperturbative nucleation rates?